PDB Inc. breaks MPE cutting performance record!

PD&B Inc. continues breaking performance records with the Design Level 7 High Speed CTL! It’s official, we received a report today that the PD&B ‘DL7’ Cut to Length Machine is successfully processing micro channel at 540PPM! For you math specialists, that’s 9 parts per second, truly an amazing feat by any standard. None of our … Continue reading PDB Inc. breaks MPE cutting performance record!

Satisfied customer shares feedback.

Recently PD&B completed a project for Matrix Technologies Inc. of Toledo, Ohio. Michael S. Overmyer, PE, said, “Many thanks to everyone on the whole project team for their hard work and dedication to the completion of this project on time and on budget.” PD&B Inc. retrofitted an existing machine to double production with very little … Continue reading Satisfied customer shares feedback.