Custom Machinery Services

Fit and Finish
PD&B is dedicated to providing the best possible performance along with near perfect ‘fit and finish’.  We have always known successful fit and finish means quality in how well machinery fits and performs.  We don’t just focus on the functionality of your machinery, we create the perfect fit for seamless alignment with your other pieces.

FIT AND FINISH 3Experience shows that success is assured when care and concern is applied to the construction of machinery.  That care shows up every day in the form of performance and longevity, and, in how it looks to you, our customer.

High gloss, multiple coats, your preferred color scheme; it not only looks clean, new, and high-end, the finish is a protective layer that affords your machinery a tough exterior to withstand the grueling climate and speed of production. It will something we will both be proud of.

We enjoy working with clients all over the world; for part large and small; machinery simple to complex. With all of the experience we have shipping custom equipment around the world, our customers have to come to rely on us more and more for moving their new machinery to their new homes.  Let us help you find the right company, the right truck for your new investment.

TransportationWe will facilitate delivery anywhere in the world working closely with custom crate and packaging vendors and then international expediters to ensure safe delivery door to door or door to port.

We do not charge for these facilitation services; you are only responsible for the actual cost of transportation.  Which makes your job a whole lot easier.

You can have the peace of mind in knowing that your new PDB products are expertly packaged, shipped in accordance with all pertinent laws and regulations, and will arrive on time and undamaged.

Installation & Wiring
WIRING WITH PDB LOG PERSONWhen the new equipment hits your floor, trust our team to install it. Often times you will find that it is more economical for the PD&B team to execute a complete install of your machine, as opposed to having a local team attempt installation, which often results in costly mistakes and lost time.

We have refined the process to a simple step by step turnkey system based on our years of installing the very same equipment.

Onsite, we’ll work with your team to ensure installation seamlessly connects all components to your existing equipment and we’ll test the machine before leaving.

Off-site, we are available to assist you with process steps, questions, and trouble-shooting.

Remember, the complexity of wiring your machinery can be time-consuming and costly if it’s not done properly. With PDB on your side, you can rest easy knowing that each component has been thoughtfully created with your existing process, needs, and equipment in mind.

Before Installation

Before Installation

After Installation

After Installation

As part of our installation services, we will ensure that all wiring is complete, up to code, and safe.

We don’t just build machines; we get them running for you!

Contact us today to get started.