PD&B Inc. continues breaking performance
records with the Design Level 7 High Speed CTL!

It’s official, we received a report today that the PD&B ‘DL7’ Cut to Length
Machine is successfully processing micro channel at 540PPM! For you math
specialists, that’s 9 parts per second, truly an amazing feat by any standard.
None of our competitors are cutting at that speed, let alone, fully inspecting and packaging the MPE on a “Standard” line that has versatility unmatched in the
industry. It can easily process material ranging from 12 to 40mm in width, 1 to 3mm in height, and, 200 to 1,000mm in length. Part change overs are
accomplished with ergonomic on-the-fly adjustments and stored part recipes. Again, the speed and range of product processed is unparalleled in the industry.
Also, just as important when you are investing in that speed and versatility, is the longevity. Our partners have ten year old, earlier generation, PD&B CTL lines still in production today. Combined, you can understand why they are considered the gold standard of HSCTL lines when it comes to performance and value.
Contact us today so you can be on the leading edge of this fantastic leap in
cutting technology.