Our Process

How It Works?

  1. Face to Face Project Discussions
  2. Develop Your Project Scope with Our Experienced Engineers
  3. PD&B Inc. Provides a Concept for Review
  4. Concept Approval
  5. Costing / Quotation
  6. Decision to Move Forward
  7. Mech. / Elect. Engineering & Programming
  8. Build, Install, and Test

For us, it’s simple; our clients come first, right down to the process. That’s why in our standard steps above, clients are part of every aspect. It is your project and your business afterall.

Through our interviewing process we’ll get a thorough understanding of what your goals are how and when you need to achieve them, and with what budget. In each of the 8 steps we employ, you’ll be right alongside us.

That’s the only way to be the right partner for your business. Contact us today to learn more.