PD&B Inc. High Speed Standard and Long Line Packager


PD&B Inc. manufactures standard high speed packagers to accumulate, band and stack finished bundles of MPE, or Multivoid aluminum tubing. This machinery is capable of processing up to 500 parts per minute or more depending on part construction. All of it accomplished while never touching the part with metal of any kind.  In the past, packaging equipment has been the limiting factor for determining speed on high speed cut-to-length machines but not anymore!

PD&B Inc. manufactures specialty packagers for 2, 3 and 4 meter long parts.   They come with the proprietary banding and stacking systems to increase efficiency  and product protection.  No longer do you have to worry about damaging or bending the finished part;  the tight bundles make it easy for the operators to palletize  with ease.

Our packager utilizes a buffer which gently stages the parts for transfer/stacking.  The number of parts per stack is simply selected with the remote HMI/operator station.  The completed stack is then lowered onto a transfer conveyor that moves it through the PD&B bander where multitple stacks are taped with one of three different banding materials.  Operators have several control options via the integral HMI,  such as; how many parts per bundle, how tight the banding is, and how many bundles per stack.  The system was designed with the operator in mind using an intuitive interface system.



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