Machine Building

Custom Machine Building

Keeping up with technology can often seem an insurmountable task. And yet, to surge ahead of your competitors you must evolve quickly.

custom machine buildingWhen your machinery and equipment lacks the features and capabilities of current technological advances, your employees and customers know it, and your business suffers.

Working with PD&B Designers and Engineers, we’ll help you identify your machine’s weak points both in software and components such as hydraulics and pneumatics, and work to develop the right solutions for your business, timelines, and budgets.

Maybe it’s a matter of a simple upgrade; maybe we need to scope a rebuild for optimal performance. At times we’ll need to start from scratch to get you up to speed.

Regardless of which solution fits your business best, our team has the training, skills, and in-the-trenches know-how to make your production faster, of higher-quality, and ultimately making your business more lucrative!