High Speed Long Part Packager

High Speed Long Part Packager

PD&B is now offering the Micro Channel Tubing manufacturers the industry’s most versatile “Long Part” MPE packaging in the business. The latest generation can accommodate up to 3.5M long parts with the standard machine, and longer if required with a custom system.

The equipment is designed to be fed by a High Speed PD&B Cut to Length machine, or, an existing system supplied by the customer.

The range of parts that can be processed run from 12 to 40mm wide by 1 to 3mm tall and from 500 to 3500mm long. All of the user friendly adjustments are made with a minimum of downtime allowing for increased production. In operation, the cut parts are transferred via a Transfer / Reject machine that conveys the material at speeds of up to 350MPM with a vacuum enhanced conveyor. Reject signals can be acted upon with dual direction servo kickout mechanism.

The PD&B Long Part Packager comes with a pass-through PD&B / Fellins bander that applies foam tape bands at selectable intervals. The spacing can be recipe driven or manually selected.
Once the bundles have been banded they are gently conveyed into the auto stacker which tips them onto an exit conveyor. The exit conveyor presents the bundles to the operator for manual palletization.

If needed, an automatic pick and place can lift and place an un-banded stack of parts directly into automatic core building machine magazine. This type of configuration totally eliminates handling damage to the material. The parts arrive perfectly straight removing part induced down time from your system.