High Speed Cut-to-Length

High Speed Cut-to-Length Machines/Systems

PD&B’s DL7 high speed cut-to-length system enables manufacturers to produce at higher speeds, with more power and shorter response times than ever before. Leading the way in microchannel production technology, our engineers have devised software designed to improve the processes of the belt feed and cutter systems.

The belt feeds and pull apart of the DL7  feature direct independent servo drives and software upgrades.  There is now one servo for each belt on the caterpillar resulting in greater pull apart force than on previous machines and line speed increases of up to 200 meters per minute.

The elimination of belt drives provides reduction in inertia, tighter tolerances and greater flexibility in part design.  The direct drive setup also reduces maintenance with a fewer number of components to worry about.


The other big change in Design Level 7 is the  cutter head itself.  It’s faster, boasts longer blade life and is as powerful as ever.  This is accomplished with a powerful servo operating at higher part counts than ever before, 500ppm plus!

The improved cutter head is fitted with wider blades to allow for increased blade life.  The entire cutting section oscillates via a servo controlled package to provide full belt and blade wear for those abrasive applications where ‘wear’ is a constant problem.


We are excited to announce Mitsubishi controls are now available in addition to our Allen Bradley platform.  The Mitsubishi solution for our overseas customers comes with all of the advantages of the current system and will match up with existing plant specifications worldwide.

In keeping with demands to be environmentally efficient, the technology incorporated into the line allows it to run so efficiently customers tell us energy consumption is down 70 to 75 percent compared to old style equipment.

This is a CE approved machine.Related image

Contact us to discuss your manufacturing needs and if the Design Level7 HSCTL is right for you.