Economy (E-line)

When space is limited and your focus is on shorter, yet highly efficient production runs, look to PD&B’s E-Line Cut-to-Length (ECTL) machine.

e-lineIn combining our economical Crane Loaded Decoiler, sort table, and ECTL, you’ll benefit from a hybrid platform capable of efficiently cutting a vast array of parts in various sizes and lengths. The ECTL utilizes a slimmed down sizing and straightening section, a precise servo driven stop-start caterpillar for part indexing, and a clamp / cutting pull-apart system.  The result is a low-priced, dependable, easy to use process for cutting MPE tubing at rates up to 90 parts per minute.

Aside from the space-saving and cost-control advantages of the ECTL, you’ll be thrilled with the systems innovative design that eliminates the possibility for part marking and scratching. Rather than dragging material over the lower clamps, as is standard in other equipment, the PD&B system features top and bottom clamps which simultaneously pull away from the material virtually eliminating contact areas and risk for marking. With a focus on energy savings, the system’s high-force clamping ability requires very little energy consumption; a feature not seen in any other industry design.

Total control of the line is provided by a main panel located within the CTL machine and an HMI at the operator’s finger tips.  Remote I/0 is also provided for whatever style payoff you need along with panel space for future additions of inspection, automatic packaging and stacking.  As you grow, so can the E CTL line.

Call us to discuss your needs for decoiling, cutting, sorting or packaging so we can combine the system that meets your production requirements while increasing your company’s efficiency, quality and profits.