Floor Loading Decoiler (FLD)

An industry first, our FLD system enables operators to load spools simply by rolling them in and out as required. When loading, they move it into the loading zone, push a few buttons to clamp the spool and then raise it into the ready position. It’s that simple.

Floor Loading DeCoilers

Next the material is threaded into the downstream equipment and secured within it. At this point the FLD coiling system sensor array checks for spool diameter and left to right web position. Finally, at start up, speed and position corrections are made allowing for the centered payoff process to begin.

This uncoiling machine has resulted in accelerated paybacks due to significant reductions in downtime. When the material runs out, the time it takes to change out spools is dramatically reduced, which reduces labor costs and increases profit.


Crane Loaded Coiler/Decoilers

Decoilers crane-300x225


The PD&B Crane Loaded Coiler/De-Coiler is an economical approach to material winding and payoff.  It typically requires an overhead crane or fork lift to load and unload spools, but it can also be modified to accept “spool-less” winding.

Web position, start up speed and process speed are all controlled via sensor arrays that are incorporated into the equipment.  They tell the processor what the starting diameter is, the position of the web coming off the spool and when to accelerate or decelerate for changing demand automatically.

In the event the product needs to be level wound, servo control is incorporated into the package along with PD&B Inc.’s proprietary software.  Our Crane Loaded Coiler/De-Coilers are in use around the world and have proven to be a solid solution to customer needs.

Cartridge Style Coiler/De-Coiler


The PD&B Inc. Cartridge Coiler/De-Coiler offers ingenious flexibility.  This system is the answer to reciprocating material handing for existing cartridge style systems.

Typically, MPE, and/or, round tubing coiling/de-coiling systems utilize permanent style, Skaltec type cartridges.  That system works fine, until the customer requests loose spools of material.  More importantly, Skaltec cartridges run the probable risk of being damaged during the shipping process.  The PD&B Cartridge allows the manufacturer and the end user to have it both ways.

The manufacturer can use the existing cartridges for in-house requirements, and, when the need comes up to supply the more typical wood or steel spools of material for the customer, they can run the PD&B Cartridge.  Both cartridge styles will run on existing machinery with no changes whatsoever.

This system is made possible with the use of a removable spool support shaft that is inserted into an empty spool, or bobbin, and then into the empty PD&B Cartridge.  Lock them in and use the cartridge as you would the original assembly.  In operation, the drive tire rests on the permanent drive ring, or rings, which in turn drive the entire assembly.  No changes!cart_cart-and-uncoiler

Collapsing Spools

Collapsing Spools are efficient and simple.

“Spool-less” coiling /winding can be accomplished with the addition of bolt-on collapsing spools.  It is used in applications where the end user prefers coils without the accompanying spool/bobbin.

With this flexible system, the operator selects the desired width by hand cranking an adjustment.  Once the bobbin is full of material, the operator simply bands it by inserting the banding material through four tracks that are located within the spool itself.  Once secure, the operator releases and removes the end flange, collapses the spool with a pneumatic valve and removes the completed spool.  It’s that simple.

And, when it comes time to de-coil, we offer an expanding mandrel solution.  It operates simply by loading the coil, expanding the mandrel/core, cutting the bands and then feeding the tube to the downstream equipment.

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Dual Coil Crane Loaded Decoiler (DCCLD)


Custom Payoffs can be designed for almost every need.  Our latest creation is a Dual Coil Crane Loaded De-Coiler (DCCLD). It features a dual output shaft configured to accept the material on spools, or not.

One side provides a standard shaft, drive pin and collar arrangement for bobbin loaded material.  The other side is constructed with an expanding mandrel to handle the spool-less supplied material.  Both are run by a heavy gear motor controlled by a variable speed drive, laser sensors, dancers and a powerful software package.  It all results in an accurate, responsive, smooth process that reacts to material position regardless of the amount of material left on the system.

Finally, the self-aligning feature built into the system not only prevents induced camber, but also allows for extremely close proximity to the downstream CTL machinery.  It saves an enormous amount of floor space.

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