Profit Loss on T-Nut Installation

As a tier one supplier this business quotes jobs on a piece rate and were having trouble meeting the level of production required in order to be profitable.  Output was slower than desired and the use of manual labor was not cost-effective.

This automotive supplier provides a wide list of automotive manufacturers with components and assemblies used within the cars we drive every day. In this particular assembly there are six T-nuts that needed to be inserted and pressed into positions.


Our Engineers designed a work cell that utilized a Fanuc robot, a bowl feeder, servo slides, Orbitform presses, and an array of safety devices that included light curtains and interlocks.  The process began with the raw headlight assembly being loaded by the operator where it indexed into position for the waiting robot with the six nuts.  It would then place the nuts into the part and retract allowing for press operation to secure them into the part.  Upon completion, the finished part would slide back out for operator retrieval and reinsertion of the next piece.

Cycle times were operator dependent but, ultimately doubled the existing rates. The customer is very happy with the machine and the fact that it has been running trouble free for over four years.