Rejection of MPE product due to outdated, lower-quality equipment and manual labor

The client manufactures Multi Port Extruded (MPE) tubing for automotive and truck air conditioning components. Existing equipment uncoiled and cut the part at a rate of approximately 40ppm. Additionally, after the MPE material was uncoiled and cut into the appropriate lengths, they were hand inspected and hand packaged before being shipped to the customer. This procedure resulted in high labor costs and a low quality product that was often rejected by their customer.


PD&B Inc. supplies the highest speed complete cut-to-length line in the world. It is fast and incredibly accurate. Depending on part size and construction, it can “gently” produce parts at speeds of 500ppm; all while holding extremely tight dimensional tolerances. For example, height can be maintained at +/- 0.010mm or better using two of the optional PD&B ultra precision part sizing stations. Width, bow, camber and length maintain similar levels of precision.

Combined with the precision and speed PD&B equipment has to offer, this line also incorporates high speed inspection and packaging. This solved our client’s issues by allowing even more time for the operator to attend to other functions within his or her scope.

In some plants we supply, one operator is being used to run two lines simultaneously. Their rates are close to 1000 parts per man minute or 25 times the original rate of 40 per man minute.